Do you accept advertising?

Advertising and PR enquiries are always welcome. Please do take the time to look around the site and make sure what you want matches what I do and what people read. I accept both text links (home-page only) and banner ads. Have a look in the side-bar to see if there's something similar to the kind of thing you have in mind.

Are you able to do product reviews?

I'm happy to take a look at new products although I can't guarantee posting anything, partly as I don't like giving negative publicity. But if I like something I'll usually say and if I don't I'll try to tell you why.

How many people visit your site?

The site has an average of about 10,000 unique page views per month. In addition there are 600 email subscribers and almost 400 people following via Google Friends Connect; a further 300 are signed up to the Facebook page feed.

Have you won any awards? 

Bringing up Charlie won both Blogger of the Year and Best Blog Writer in 2010 as well as being runner-up in the Author Blog Awards the same year.

Is the blog included in listings and features?

In 2014 the site was again ranked number one 'daddy' blog in the UK by social media analysts Cision - a position it has held every year since 2010.

It was listed number one in the Daily Express top ten blogs for parents in June 2014 and is being archived by the British Library as part of their digital media project.

The blog has also been included in features by The Scotsman and The Independent newspapers as well as being denounced as 'puerile witterings' by the Daily Mail.

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