Saturday, 13 February 2021

Diary: Let it Snow!

This week, overnight, we suddenly have a decent snowfall and wake up next day to enough of the white stuff for a proper snowman! Then, a day later, another snowfall - and another snowman. Meet Barney and his big brother... or should I say 'big sister'. Apparently "their" name (pronouns: they, them, their) is 'Belinda"! What do I know? 

Being at home certainly has its advantages when it comes to building snow, er... persons. And while my daughter happily plays outside I'm watching another set of white-clad individuals in India, having finally remembered that there's a decent session of test cricket on Channel Four in the mornings. And the best thing is the cricket fills that hour or so when my daughter needs to use my laptop for homeschooling, time I otherwise fritter away rather aimlessly. The problem is I'm chained to the house; I can't even go for a walk in case I'm needed either for some tech-related issue or a work-related problem. This, I have discovered, is the perfect solution.

Just call me if you have a problem, darling!

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