Tuesday, 9 February 2021

18+ Fun Science Experiments

Hands up who's teaching electronics during #homeschooling?

No, me neither. Or I wasn't, until we were sent this little marvel courtesy of toysandbears.com

18+ Fun Electronic Experiments is a simple and effective was to learn all about electric current and how it powers different devices. And above all, it's FUN! They're spot on when they says that these wonderful STEM kits will "brighten your child’s day, and perhaps even free you up to make an uninterrupted cup of tea at the same time". 

Except for the tea, that is. Because I want to play too!

The kit, which is manufactured by Small World Science, contains 19 experiments (hence, 18+... that's not an age restriction!) ranging from simple "on/off" circuits powering LEDs and flying fans to more sophisticated morse code kits, delay switches and even voice-activate and speed adjustable controls. The wires (supplied) are secured in position on the circuit board by nifty little spring clips, perfect for little fingers: no screwing or soldering in sight!

All you have to do is supply a couple of AA batteries and you're away... quite literally in the case of the flying fan which has so far provided hours of entertainment, while at the same time sneaking in a decent dose of learning. It's like hiding the veg. kids don't like in something they love so they won't notice!

And they'll love this. 

Highly recommended!

18+ Fun Electronic Experiments rrp £27.99 is now only £22.99 right here: https://toysandbears.com/toys/18-fun-electronic-experiments/

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