Monday, 28 September 2020

Testing, testing...

Well, term (home-schooling, self-isolating) didn't last long. 

Things are back to normal, in the sense that the kids at back at (real, physical) school and my wife has returned to work. I can't say I 'feel' normal. But at least the fever and the other 'flu-like symptoms (which have been pretty severe) weren't Covid-19. We finally, after hundreds and attempts, managed to book a drive-in test a matter of an hour's drive away and got the results just twenty-four hours later. That couldn't have been much quicker. 

What could, was the frustrating, aggravating, annoying and despair-inducing process of trying to get a test in the first place. There are only so many times (especially when you're feeling unwell) you can receive this message without wanting to hurl your phone across the room. Thank God I didn't have the strength for that. 

And I suppose the silver lining to all this (got to look on the bright side, haven't you?) is by the time I had been lucky and hit the jackpot, I was feeling well enough to drive. Having seen the scenes on the telly I'd expected someone dressed in a hazmat suit to lean in to the car with a long swab. Instead, we were handed self-test kits through the window (during the brief period we were permitted to wind it down) and marshalled to a far corner of the car-park, there to do the deed ourselves. Not easy in the rear-view mirror. 

But, we got what they needed from the backs of our throats and up our noses and they tested it and then they told us we were covid-free. But who were 'they'? Well, perm any three from among these, I'd say: 

They did have 'NHS' on their tabards... but the 'Serco' sign was bigger!

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