Thursday, 2 May 2019

Get Your Kids to Eat Anything

Yes, anything. Well, not exactly anything. But stuff you want them to eat, stuff that's good for them, stuff that does them good.

That's the premiss of this excellent book from Emily Leary and that's what it (she) promises. Follow the 5-Phase Programme set out by Emily in this new book and mealtimes will ultimately cease to be battlegrounds and instead become a haven of healthy options where 'new is the new norm.'

In spite of having regular, round-the-table, family meals and trying my best to vary the menu, I've begun to find my children expressing some frustrating preferences. We've always gone for a 'try it first' approach and kept our part of the bargain. After all, that's given us a table of avid olive eaters (I'm sure they thought they were grapes at first) along with other exotica so it can't be classed a total failure.

But stuff they liked, stuff I cooked and stuff that was good for them has begun to be rejected. Broccoli, for instance. Now I know it's not everyone's cup-of-tea (President George Bush Snr being just one) but it was a quick and simple, healthy vegetable accompaniment to almost anything. One I could rely on. Maybe that's the problem. Maybe I did (rely on it, that is) too often.

So Emily's book has arrived at a good time and we're about to embark on the five-phase programme and get our kids to 'Eat Anything'.

Well, almost anything.

I don't think they'll be asking for broccoli anytime soon, but who knows?

Watch this space!

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