Friday, 23 November 2018

Boycott Black Friday

Things are black. Bleak, in fact. And not just on Black Friday.

First up, here's a conversation on Tumblr by some people working in retail today.

When did we become these frantic, headless chickens going round in circles chasing things we often don't need, can't afford and won't use?

Does this make us happy? It certainly doesn't if you're one of the many thousands of people paid a pittance to sell the stuff.

It undoubtedly makes a few people very, very rich indeed. They tend not to be the kind of nice people who pay their workers properly, protect their pensions and give what they don't need to charity. (Some do, I know. But not many.)

So basically, what we're all doing is making a few rather dodgy individuals even richer at the expense of a lot of other folks... including ourselves. Because once we've spent it, we've not got it.

Here's a revolutionary thought. Don't buy anything today. Don't buy anything apart from food and clothes for the children and the things you really do need.

If you must buy something for someone, buy them a book. (I've got a few of my own - including this one - you could do worse than take a look at!)

The Salt Path, however, has just nominated for the Costa Book Award, and is inspirational. It's also a timely reminder of the wafer thin line we all tread between happy, homely lives and - in the case of Raynor Winn and her terminally-ill husband - a tent, a rucksack and... each other.

Talking of which, if you really want to buy someone something, how about a roof over their head? Ok, not literally buying them a house or flat or bungalow, but, y'know... there are ways we can all help. And here's one from YMCA.

Come on folks. Most of us have got all we want and a lot more besides.

So why not buy something someone really needs.

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