Saturday, 22 September 2018

Indie Hop

I popped in to my local Waterstones the other day, asked to speak to the manager, told her my book was already available to pre-order on their website and asking if she'd be likely to stock it.

'There'll be a reasonable amount of local interest,' I said to her. (There's a two-week Remembrance Festival in the town beginning on October 28th and I'm already booked to do several events.)

'We don't have the power to order,' was her first line of defence. I can understand that. For all I know she has local authors assailing her all the time, asking her to sell their books. But...

The local branch does clearly have some autonomy. I can't see how 'Ruskington As I Remember It' or 'Wodds and Doggerybaw: A Lincolnshire Dialect Dictionary' could come from Waterstones Central. But who knows?

In the end, she agreed to order one copy (1!) to, and I quote, 'test the market'.

Well, she's got a business to run I suppose. But...

It's a lot more lucrative (her business) than either writing or publishing! And as for testing the market, how about creating one? They do that all the time with their special offers. Or do the publishers still pay them £000's to have their books on display near the door?

The deal is certainly still 'sale-or-return' so... apart from a bit of shelf-space, she's got nothing to lose!

Mind you, it is a fairly big book...

Anyway, inspired by my success I got in touch with a local bookshop (of some renown). There isn't one in my home town but this one isn't far away. And it's very good.

And they're very quick. Three minutes (3!) after emailing them the details they got back to me and said 'it's on order'.

And people wonder why we're all so crazy about indie bookstores!

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