Saturday, 15 September 2018

We're jamming!

Ok, so. One more time.

If you follow me on twitter, read this blog (and have done regularly) or know me personally, well... you can't help but know (and probably tire) of my opinion of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby.

Honestly! His name, his silly hat and funny costume, his unerring habit of putting his foot in it seem to make him a natural stand-in for Mr 'Justin' Tumble, in my opinion.

This week he as good as said you can't be a religious leader without being political. I've nothing whatever against that. The problem, as Peter Cook once memorably had it, is that neither has he.

Not that long ago he was writing (or authorising to go out above his name) this:

Then earlier this year he was saying this:

Jesus was highly political. He told the rich that, unlike the poor who were blessed, they would face woes. He criticised the King as a fox. He spoke harsh words to leaders of the nations when they were uncaring of the needy.

And now he's well-and-truly in the political mire with a speech to the TUC and a damning indictment of Amazon's (among others) tax status.

For what it's worth I don't think you can be a proper religious leader without ruffling a few political feathers. Not if you're doing your job properly.

I'm just asking for a little more consistency.

In other news...

Let there be music. Lots and lots of loud music. We're a musical family (my sister - I think, affectionally - calls us the Von Trapps) but I fear even we may have strayed too far into noisy territory with the addition of the latest instrument to the musical menagerie.

On Friday, my daughter returned home with a trumpet. That adds to my son's trombone. And to mark the occasion they jammed together, very loudly and for quite a long time.

It was the excitement, I suppose. The newness of it all. Enthusiasm. Theirs, I mean. Because although I'm all for it (the general educational benefits of music are beyond doubt)...

I need a pair of ear-plugs.

Any suggestions?

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