Saturday, 25 August 2018

A story of survival, courage and triumph

Boarding schools went through something of a revival (apparently) in the wake of the Harry Potter phenomenon. Which is just as well, really, as there's plenty of evidence that - prior to Ms Rowling's appearance - they were anything but suitable places to bring up children.

Mind you, I'm not sure Hogwart's would qualify for that, either. But then, that's fiction.

So, to be accurate, is Christine Clayfield's new book No Fourth River. But it's a novel based, as it says in the blurb, on a true story - hers.

We've become almost inured in recent years to tales of abuse by members of the Catholic church. But Christine's own experience of almost daily humiliation by the nuns makes for especially challenging reading. As Christine says,

I suffered at the hands of my tyrannical father during my childhood in Belgium. He told me I was worthless and useless [and] sent me to boarding school... I was only five years old.

But Clayfield's book is also an inspirational tale of how - in spite of everything - she has created a new and successful life for herself. She is now a happily married mother of twins and a self-made millionaire as a result of many highly successful entrepreneurial ventures.

The book is 'gripping, harrowing, uplifting and inspiring' - a story of survival, courage and triumph.

No Fourth River is published by RASC publishing (ISBN: 9781999840914) and is available (price £10.47) from Amazon.

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