Sunday, 19 August 2018

World Orangutan Day

It's World Orangutan Day today (19th August).

No, I didn't know about it either.

But I should. We all should. And Greenpeace is doing it's best to make sure we do by launching a campaign to encourage people to take action to help save this amazing species.

To this end Greenpeace has just launched a new film and children’s book to highlight the issue of palm oil in our everyday products and the link to rainforest destruction. It features a young girl who discovers a lost orangutan in her bedroom named Rang-tan.

Consumption of palm oil is rising and the cost to the climate and environment is devastating. Currently, most palm oil is used in food products – from chocolate to oven chips – although it is also used in cosmetics and, increasingly, in biodiesel.

As a result, Indonesia has more threatened and endangered species than any country on earth. The Bornean orangutan population has decreased by half since 1999, and a new species of orangutan discovered is Sumatra in 2017 is already endangered – mostly due to the destruction of their forests for palm oil.

You can find out more about the campaign here: And if you'd like a free copy of the book that accompanies the campaign you can pre-order by emailing (They're not be charging for the book, only the cost of postage.)

Meanwhile, please do watch the video and sign the petition.

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