Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Clean sweep...

'We' (that is, those of who fortunate enough to reside in the developed world) generally live in a cleaner, more bacteria-free environment than ever.  But is it really healthier?

We've probably all read reports that link the rise in allergies to excessive hygiene. Apparently, a bit o' muck really is good for us, stimulating the immune system as it does.

And conditions like asthma and bronchitis as well as skin irritations such as eczema might also benefit from a less-than-scrupulous approach to household hygiene.

Which is where e-cloth's come in. Because the safe, environmentally friendly (not to say money-saving) way to clean is using... water. Yes, together with some clever high quality fibre products from e-cloth, a little water (plus some elbow grease) is all you need to remove (they say) over 99% of bacteria. So, no more need for all those dangerous plastic chemical products lurking under the sink.

Not only is this great news for your purse and the environment, but not using all those different types of chemical around the house will also help your health. Chemical cleaning products are a cause for concern, research has shown, for over 50% of us and almost a quarter favour natural chemical-free cleaning.

The secret to e-cloths is in the structure of the high-tech fabrics. E-cloth’s are made up of literally millions of tiny fibres which have been carefully split and woven into different ways to deliver specific cleaning qualities. The greater the concentration of fibres per square centimetre, the greater the cleaning power.

This tiny fibre technology (fibres in e-cloths are at least 100 times finer than a human hair) means they pack a cleaning punch with the addition of just pure and simple water. No detergents, soaps or solvents.

Here are e-cloth’s Chemical-Free Cleaning Tips

  • Clear out your wardrobe – pull out clothes you no longer wear and let your wardrobe breathe. Pack them away and pop some lavender pouches in with them to keep them smelling fresh
  • Sprinkle bicarbonate of soda on mattresses, carpets and rugs. Leave for a few hours for it to work its magic, then simple vacuum away
  • Clean stains with apple cider vinegar. Mix a couple of tablespoons of salt with apple cider vinegar, rub the solution in the stain on your carpet, then use a vacuum to lift the rest of the solution out of the carpet
  • Use an eco-friendly product, like e-cloth’s clever  tiny fiber cleaning products – they only require water to remove over 99% of bacteria (so no toxic chemicals involved)
  • Use an essential oil diffuser with your favourite essential oil scent to leave your home smelling lovely

Disclosure: we've recently been sent a range of e-cloths to use although these are in addition to a range of their products that have been in regular use chez Charlie for some years.

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