Monday, 2 July 2018

Sennheiser Momentum Free Bluetooth Headphones

"Whatever wireless device you’re on," runs the blurb,  "show dodgy sound the red card and take the Sennheiser Momentum with you wherever you go!

The Red Card?

Ah! I get it - a certain sporting contest involving teams of eleven overpaid athletes and an inflated pig's bladder. Pah!

I'm not wasting my time listening to a mere football commentary on "the most compact Bluetooth headphones ever" and certainly don't want to squander "immaculate wireless hi-fi sound" (thanks to Qualcomm® apt-X™) on a lot of over-excited men with microphones.

The "high quality ergonomic design ensures an outstanding all-day listening experience" they go on to say, so that calls for some big, meaty, nourishing and demanding listening!

I've been trialling these for about two weeks now and quite honestly waiting for something to go wrong: some insurmountable challenge to the dynamic range; a catastrophic connectivity crash despite boasting Bluetooth 4.2; that moment when the "high quality ergonomic design" ear buds irritate me so much I'm forced to tear them out and cast them aside.

First, let's deal with the sound. I listen to a lot of classical music - and I mean a lot. It really is the best discriminator in terms of musical reproduction and has been the black spot for any number of headphones, ear-buds and speakers I've had over the years. And if these aren't the best - compared to top-of-the-range over-ear headphones inevitably boasting, among other things, a better bass response) then they are without doubt the best ear-buds I've ever tried - wireless or not. To be honest, they're as good as any but the most discriminating listener would ever need across the entire spectrum of sound and can pack a pretty hefty punch when the brass and percussion get going.

The Bluetooth connectivity is pretty good, too. Not flawless. (What is?) But reliable, stable and - for the most part - secure and with a whopping range. I've sometimes forgotten my phone and wandered about (even out of the house) until I'm suddenly surprised to have reached the limit of its impressively extensive (bottom of the garden, several rooms away) range. The only thing that seemed to interfere - inevitably - were other electrical fields and devices.

Finally, they're so comfortable I've been forgetting - completely - I'm wearing them. And although they're not strictly 'noise-cancelling' (there's no NC technology) the snug fit and the quality sound do pretty much block out all but the most intrusive extraneous noise.

With an integrated microphone, a six-hour battery life and a luxurious leather case, the MOMENTUM Free really is the perfect companion for the mobile lifestyle.

And far too good for the football!

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