Saturday, 12 May 2018


What do you get when you cross a Scottish stand-up comedian with England’s first ever 'Doctor of Happiness?'

A new book that will have you laughing out loud whilst learning some serious science behind positive psychology, the value of inside-out thinking as well as practical tips for those in need of an energy transfusion. that's what!

Sounds like me. Sounds like a great many of us, in fact!

And if it sounds like you, too, then this book will not disappoint. Because no-one (surely?) is beyond hope.

If you want help...

  • bouncing back from criticism,
  • rethinking your (negative) thinking, 
  • creating an extra hour in the day,

Or even if you just want someone to do some worrying for you, this is the book for you.

Billed as 'the antidote to modernity' it's perfect for those of us who feel like we're endlessly turning in the hamster wheel of life - working hard, and getting nowhere fast.

The book is part practical 'self-help' and 'how to' guide, part comedy. It's a winning combination (even though the relentlessly upbeat tone, fractured sentences and pithy Pollyanna-isms can get a teeny bit tiresome... but maybe that's just jaded ol' me).

But the basic premise is a real winner: 2% of us are Mary Poppins, the rest are Mr Banks.

But we need the Mary Poppins of this world to keep it turning, to keep us smiling, to make life worth living.

So join them. Be a Mary rather than a Mr Banks.

Or in other words (word) -


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