Monday, 28 May 2018

Little Kids, Big Dilemmas

However confident you feel as a parent (actually, does anyone ever feel confident as a parent?) we all need help from time to time. Thankfully, there's plenty on hand.

A slew of experts have written 'how to' manuals since Dr Spock first burst on the scene (not that one!).

Heck, I've even had a go at it myself, with my 'how to' guide for dads.

But more isn't always better. In fact, at times, it can make things worse.

If you're fed up with conflicting advice and looking for something that's more fact (scientifically researched, too) than opinion, then this book might be for you.

Psychologist Dr Sarah Kuppen, expert in early child development, uses her scientific expertise to sort through the hype and give you the facts.

Using the latest developmental research, she provides practical tips and solves more than 50 familiar parent questions and dilemmas. There'sadvice on:

• five ways to tame a tantrum
• what to do if your child isn’t talking
• the scientific facts on breast versus formula feeding
• managing sibling fights and conflict.

And it's good advice, too - backed up (as I said) by the latest research.

The book - the layout, principally - could be better, however.

As it is, you find yourself starting with toddler tantrums before moving on the sleep issues and then (in chapter three) to a section on breastfeeding.

Chapter four is about screen time while chapter eight is a fascinating psychological discussion of what a new-born is capable of knowing.

With that reservation, Little Kids, Big Dilemmas remains a useful guide for science-minded parents as well as childcare professionals. Reading it will allow you to make informed decisions on the big topics for parenting in the early years.

Just don't read it in the order that it's printed!

Little Kids, Big Dilemmas is available via

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