Monday, 30 April 2018

Bob Bura, Trumpton animator, RIP

If, like me, you're of a certain age then you'll recognise the name. But (being of a certain age) you may struggle to remember why.

Allow me to assist you. Bob Bura (above right) was one of the names you'd see at the end of an episode of Trumpton, Chigley, Camberwick Green or maybe Captain Pugwash.

He was one half of a partnership with John Hardwick that probably had a hand (sometimes literally, as puppeteer) in most of your childhood TV memories. In addition to making Gordon Murray's Trumptonshire come to life, the pair produced short animations for a range of programmes including Blue Peter.

John Hardwick died whilst cycling in 2004, aged 67. Bob passed away earlier this month at the grand old age of 93 and just look at his - their - legacy:

Camberwick Green
Mary, Mungo and Midge
Larry the Lamb
You and Me

... and many more. They even had a hand in the Eurythmics first hit Sweet Dreams Are Made of This when they allowed Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart space to record at their studio (which was a converted house in Crouch End).

You can hear his audio obituary on BBC Radio Four's Last Word (ff to 22m 43s). Time to say goodnight...

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