Thursday, 15 February 2018


Some years ago I went to see a performance by the National Theatre of Brent in which two actors - Jim Broadbent, and Patrick Barlow - performed The Greatest Story Ever Told (basically, the Bible) in a little under two hours. Just the two of them. Oh, and the audience. If your play demands a cast of thousands and a range of locations, what do you do? Involve the audience, of course, who in this case were slaves rowing the Roman galleys as well as angry crowds at the crucifixion.

That's also the secret of Dinosaurs in the Wild, which has now opened at the Greenwich Peninsula (a short walk from the O2). It's immersive theatre - plus multi-media and animatronics -  in which you're less spectator, and more participant in a time-travelling adventure.

We were invited over to the launch party on Tuesday - me, happy to be asked to a party; Charlie, over-the-moon to go anywhere that involved anything to do with dinosaurs...

Neither of us sure was what to expect. But it certainly did not disappoint! There were canap├ęs, there was champagne, a little light 'celeb' spotting (Charlie was especially pleased that Chris Packham spoke to him!)

And of course there are dinosaurs. 
Lots of dinosaurs doing the things dinosaurs do. 

Actors play the parts of scientists and tour guides and you - the audience - play the part of time travellers taken back in time (67 millions years back in time!) and through a series of stages from laboratory to dino hatchery and, ultimately, to the piece de resistance where you actually get to see the dinosaurs in their natural and original habitat. It really is the most tremendous fun. And very well done. And there's poo, too...

Dinosaurs in the Wild is at the Greenwich Pennisula, London, until July 31st 2018. A family ticket (2 adults, 2 children) costs £23.75 at peak times and you can find out more and book tickets here:

And as they say... Their time, their world - your adventure!

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