Thursday, 22 February 2018

We're doomed!

Like any parent, I want the best for my children. I want to do what I can to secure their future.

And in the UK, that future increasingly depends on one thing. Brexit. The terms on which we leave the EU.

And that's just where it starts to get worrying.

Although I voted remain in the referendum I can see a number of reasons why the EU isn't all it's cracked up to be, not least the bloated, expensive bureaucracy that drains billions from across the region.

But let me outline what I believe might turn out to be the single most important reasons staying IN is the best course for the UK.

It isn't something many of us would have been able to predict when the referendum was held. It isn't something to do with the economy, with the City, with farm subsidies or spurious claims that the NHS could benefit to the tune of our monthly EU contributions (much of which comes back to us in... farm subsidies, among other things).

It is this. It is what is happening today, what was announced this morning. It is the farce that is the political attempt to sort the whole mess out, the in-fighting, the personal jockeying for position, the greed for power.

Because that EU bureaucracy, that unelected oligarchy, that hindrance, those faceless mandarins who dictate the shape of our bananas and the size of our sausages (not that they did) have been the ultimate (and rather sensible) brake on the wilder, greedier, madder, ratings-driven and attention-grabbing antics of our own political 'elite'.

It's hard as a little Englander to shake off the sense that we're better than Johnny Foreigner and superior to all those Continental types. But it's not exactly being unpatriotic to face awkward facts. And the awkward fact is that - when we leave - we'll be in charge.

But that 'we' is not 'us'.

This isn't about the will of the British People Jacob, or the sovereignty of Parliamentary democracy. Because as they all know down at Westminster, all that is just fodder for the unrelenting cannon of personal political ambition.

This is about them. What they want. Where they want to be and how they want to get there. And they'll be in charge - completely, utterly, absolutely.

Just look at them!

And let's not forget our own power-broking, ratings-hungry, power-greedy unelected oligarchy - the increasingly irrelevant press owners and editors.

I hope you're sitting comfortably...

Actually the one good thing that is nothing to do with Brexit or politics or anything else is that - in the age of the inexorable rise of social media - the above (unelected) power brokers (Rupert Murdoch and Paul Dacre) are finding their influence waning somewhat.

People get their news online these days. And their opinions, too. Which means we've all got a platform to express our own views. And here are mine.

When will the flat-earth society that is the Brexiteers realise that the facts, the overwhelming facts, are clear. Things will undoubtedly be worse when we leave the EU.

When will the Conservative party admit that it - and it's power-hungry politicians - are behind this mess. It's not about the country, or the will of the people. It's about the mess of the Conservative party.

Talking of which, when will Boris Johnson admit that his 'principaled' stance was no more than a sham, that if David Cameron had campaigned for leave, he'd have put his considerable bulk behind Remain. And as for Michael Gove... well, let's not go there.

All of which leaves this man. Maybe...

The one thing most people in this country seem to agree on when asked in survey after survey is their distrust of elected politicians.

If that's true, then we're in for a turbulent time. All the evidence shows just how hard the transition from EU membership is likely to be, and that at least in the short-term there will be a negative effect on the UK economy.

You can negotiate as many trade deals as you like, you can restore rights over British waters to our fishermen and cosy up to China and Korea. You can even see if the old Empire (sorry, Commonwealth) wants to do business with us once again.

But it's this lot who are going to be sitting round the table. They're the ones negotiating.

And at the moment, they couldn't negotiate themselves out of a paper bag, never mind the European Union.

Dinnae say I didnae warn ye!

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