Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Proof of the pudding

It's never to late to get correcting. In fact, New Year seems an especially appropriate time to make good all the mistakes of the past year. Or, in my case, the mistakes of the past five years - specifically, those mistakes that still appear on the MS of my book, The Glorious Dead, which I can now say (officially, it being 2018 an' all) will be published LATER THIS YEAR!


So far, it's been marked by the copy-editors. (Seriously, who knew ‘Level with you’ dates from the 1950s, or that ‘spiv’ was first recorded in 1934? Certainly not me! Or that ‘get your act together’ wasn’t said until the 1960s and that ‘threesome’ as a term for group sex dates from as late as the 1990s?) I stand corrected. (And very grateful for it!)

Next comes the the line-by-line re-reading, checking that all commas are in the right place, all names are spelt correctly and that everything else is shipshape and Bristol fasion. Luckily this is done in conjunction with a professsional proof-reader. If anything slips through the net from here on, it won't be for want of attention.

So, I'd better get cracking.

Only another 280-odd pages to go...

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