Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Hugh Masekela

News this morning of the death of South African jazz trumpeter (and so much more) Hugh Masekela comes the day after Charlie's trombone teacher (himself a fine trumpeter) uploaded a video to You Tube of this blog's eponymous star playing a gig the other Sunday in Skegness.

Yes, Skegness. Butlins, to be precise. The venue for the British Youth Brass Band Championships at which the band Charlie plays in entertained the audience while the judges deliberated.

I'm a big fan of music, as you've probably guessed. And not only does it sound good (and make you feel good) it makes you more intelligent. Countless studies confirm that one of the single most effective influences on educational performance is some sort of musical engagement.

That was certainly true in Hugh Masekela's case. The story goes that, as a boy, he approached a teacher (Father - later, Bishop - Trevor Huddleston) promising to stay out of trouble from then on if the priest would buy him a trumpet.

He certainly kept his part of the bargain. Indeed, what a bargain!

I'll post Charlie's video tomorrow!

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