Thursday, 7 December 2017

Advent, door seven...

Yesterday, Clare Bevan was our Advent poet. But behind door seven of this year's digital Advent calendar is Brian Bilston with one of the simplest, most effective and most moving Nativity poems ever written.

Brian is the 'Poet Laureate of Twitter', or - in the words of Ian McMillan - 'a laureate for our fractured times, a wordsmith who cares deeply about the impact his language makes as it dances before our eyes.'

Richard Osman has written that 'if you like a) like laughing or b) words which rhyme with each other, you will love Brian Bilston.'

Well, Bilston's poem 'Nativity' (reproduced here with permission) proves that he can make us cry as well as laugh, or at least pause and reflect, as is fitting for the season.

Oh, and if you like this, you'll love the book. Brian's poetry collection 'You Took the Last Bus Home' was published in October by Unbound and is available to buy here:

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