Thursday, 12 October 2017

The Babysitter's Survival Guide

New on the book shelf this month come two of the most useful titles I think I’ve ever had to review. The Ultimate Slumber Party by Jamie Kyle McGillian and The Babysitters Survival Guide by Jill D. Chassé, both from Sterling Children's Books.

First, the dreaded 'slumber party'!

I say 'dreaded' more from the possibilities than reality. Those we've had, in the past, have been reasonably successful. But there's always the nagging doubts together with the fear of hearing the question, 'can I have a sleepover?'

But fear no more. What this comprehensive guide to throwing the best slumber party doesn't contain by way of ideas for themes, to icebreakers, games, recipes and crafts probably isn't worth knowing. It's even got punch-out invitations and pages of stickers for truly professional party planning!

Next, babysitting. How can a babysitter entertain a fidgety kid, lull a toddler to sleep, or comfort a child who’s feeling sad or upset? Whether you're in the business of babysitting yourself or need a babysitter, this book has all the advice you’ll need. It's billed as 'the ultimate babysitter's helper' and filled with recipes, activities, strategies and essential advice for emergencies. But it's more than that - as a parent, having this to hand when the babysitter arrives could be a godsend.

How to Throw the Ultimate Slumber Party
Invitations, Games, Crafts, and More!
By Jamie Kyle McGillian
9781454925194 – Paperback – £12.99 – Sterling

The Babysitter's Survival Guide
Fun Games, Cool Crafts, Safety Tips, and More!
By Jill D. Chassé
9781454923183 – Paperback - Sterling Children's Books – £12.99

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