Monday, 11 September 2017

I've never changed a nappy...

No, not me. I've changed plenty. More than I care to remember.

But Jacob Rees-Mogg has never changed a nappy. Not one. Ever.

I know, shocking isn't it.

There are probably plenty of other people out there who haven't. But perhaps not many who've got six children.

But then, who among us with six (or even my own total, three) children can afford to pay staff to do it for us?

And even if we could...

Yes, you see. That's not really the point, is it?

I mean, I'm not suggesting nappy-changing is a measure of 'new' manhood or parenthood or any other 'hood'. Changing nappies doesn't make you a better dad. Or a dad at all, for that matter.

But... But... What?

I don't know. There's just something about the not having done it at all - and the slightly boasting tone in which such information was divulged - that makes me think, perhaps, that changing a nappy - at least one nappy - might actually be a good thing for a dad.

After all, someone's got to do it. And although Rees-Mogg's nanny might disapprove of him doing it I'm sure an Eton and Oxford education qualifies him to... at least, attempt it.

I'd have thought any self-respecting father would have wanted to have a go at it, these days?

But then, Rees-Mogg - by his own definition - isn't of 'these days' is he?

Which rather begs the question...

Which days is he 'of'?

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