Saturday, 10 June 2017

Father's Day 2017 gift guide

In keeping with previous years and as part of my on-going campaign to eliminate socks from gift lists everywhere, I present to you today the 2017 Father's Day gift guide. Here’s your one-stop shop for inspiration and imagination. And I’m a dad. Take it from me. I know what he’ll like.

For a start, beer. Or at least, something handy to carry it on. Over on Born Gifted’s website they’ve got this rather special wooden beer trug which can be personalised (at no extra charge) to make it extra-special. Of course, you don’t have to use it to transport beer but if dad did, you could add this very special sign too, reminding him where the garden is…

There are dozens and dozens of delightful gift ideas over on the Born Gifted website. Orders are dispatched within three working days (so you’ve just about got time… but be quick!) and FREE on orders over £40.

But of course it’s not just gifts, it’s giving, too. If you made mum breakfast in bed on Mothering Sunday then why not… no, don’t do the same from dad. (He’ll make a mess!). Why not clean his pride and joy - the car - instead?

Smart Polish Pro waterless wash and wax formula will give dad’s car a showroom shine without you having to unreel the hose (or plug in the pressure washer). So you won’t disturb his lie-in, either! Find out more here:

And to help the old boy see what a good job you've made of it... how about a pair of prescription specs delivered straight to your door? Whether its eyeglasses, glasses frames or prescription sunglasses is the place to shop for something stylish that won't break the bank. Use the offer code GSHOT50 and you can get 50% off all eyeglasses and sunglasses including lenses throughout the website (with the exception of sales frames). I've been sent this rather clever combo that integrates my prescription lenses with not just one but a whole range of shades and light filters.

Want to change your look? Need to shade that glare? Or maybe even get a better view in fading light? There's a clever clip-on cover for it, and the whole ensemble comes in a very sturdy zip case. These Jonesboro Rectangle sports goggles from are especially designed for golf, fishing and cycling and come with a flexible strap to keep them firmly in place. Dad'll be delighted!

Finally, a tiny plug of my own. You could get dad sorted for the next two years by buying him a gift-subscription to (*ahem*) my latest book. There are loads of pledge levels from £10 up, all subscribers get their name in the book and for a little bit more dad could even be a character in mine! It really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Whatever you’re getting, hope you (and dad) have a great day!

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