Monday, 1 May 2017

We're going on a bridge walk...

We're going on a bear hunt bridge walk.
(Listening to a 'soundscape' as part of Hull City of Culture 2017.)

We're going to catch cross a BIG one.
(Once the longest single-span suspension bridge in the WORLD! Still the largest you can cross on foot.)

What a beautiful day! 
(It wasn't bad, for late April, actually. The sun even made a few briefs appearances.)

We're not scared...
(Well, maybe just a little... it is very high!)

But we were certainly inspired, amazed, awe-struck and astonished in pretty-much equal measure. The Height of the Reeds is a Hull City of Culture 2017 project run in association with Opera North (among others). The idea is you walk the mile-and-a-bit across the bridge wearing headphones and listening to a sonic adventure that incorporates the sounds of the bridge itself as well as poetry and music evoking Hull's long maritime history.

The bridge alone is awesome enough; the location has its special magic ('where sky and Lincolnshire and water meet' as Larkin had it). Add the aural soundscape and it makes for a memorable (and free) artistic adventure, one well worth the effort.

Even little legs can make it!

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