Friday, 7 April 2017

The Plains of Troy

It's not often we feature fiction here. (There are those who classify all my posts as such, but I digress...)

This is proper fiction - flash, to be precise, and it comes from the pen of the talented author of the debut novel, Ashael Rising. Shona Kinsella is an Unbound author with a up-and-coming bestseller on her hands. She's also a talented writer with an ability to rise to pretty much any creative challenge. Like the one I set her.

Write a piece of flash fiction; write to a prompt; make it witty; make it entertaining; make it memorable. Oh yes, the prompt? The Plains of Troy. Here's her story...

Dust hung in the air, kicked up by the feet of an army. Polomedes rubbed his nose and sighed. He hated this dry and dusty plain more than he had ever hated anywhere. It had been eight years camped outside Troy. Eight years away from his wife and child – all because Menelaus couldn’t keep his own wife. Polomedes stopped and took a long drink of water from his canteen, then poured a little of the precious liquid into his hand and used it to wash the dust from his face. He didn’t know why he bothered – his face would be coated again in moments. He lowered the canteen and continued his inspection of the perimeter of the camp.

The army had long since grown lax in their security. The Trojans seemed content to stay inside their walls, sending the occasional volley of arrows towards the Achaeans but rarely venturing out. All around the ragged edges of the camp lived the camp-followers, those who did not fight but followed the army. Polomedes would send them all away if he could but he did not command here.

The soldier rounded a wall of tents housing camp followers to see that they backed up
to a scraggly wall of bushes.Who allowed this? he thought, angrily. Allowing the camp to spread so close to cover was practically inviting outsiders in. Polomedes drew his sword and swung it at the bushes,heedless of the damage that might be done to his blade. As he hacked away, he imagined fighting the Trojans, freeing the Lady Helen so they could all go home at last. He got increasingly agitated and came back to himself only when he was sweating and panting.

As he stood there, bent over and trying to catch his breath, he noticed movement on the other side of the remaining bushes. He crept through, hoping to surprise an enemy,someone to fight! Instead he saw a maiden, fair of face and form. She was dressed in the style of the Trojans and had a brace of hares slung over her shoulder. She stood before him, frozen as a deer before a hunter. Polomedes stepped towards her, though whether to challenge or protect her, he wasn’t sure.

“Paul Cairns, have you been listening to a word I’ve said?”

Paul blinked. The camp was gone. He was back in his history classroom, the warm sun beating down on his back and making him dozy. Kelly had turned around in her seat and was watching him, an amused smile on her face.

“Well, Mr Cairns? How long were the Achaeans camped outside the walls of Troy?”

“Ten years, sir,” Paul answered without hesitation.

Mr Atkinson gave him a long look. “Indeed. Do try not to daydream so obviously in my class in future.”

“Yes, sir.’ Paul blushed and tried to avoid Kelly’s eyes as Mr Atkinson turned to face the rest of the class.

“Who can tell me what happened in the tenth year of the siege?” the teacher asked.

Shona Kinsella is a fantasy author who lives in the west of Scotland with her husband and three children. Her debut novel, Ashael Rising, was published by Unbound in February 2017 is available purchase from AmazonUnbound and all major book retailers. Find out more at or follow her on Twitter.

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