Monday, 17 October 2016

Get knotted!

I was never much of a Boy Scout. In fact, I never graduated from Cubs. Consequently I don't know the difference between a sheep shank and half-hitch and as for a fisherman's bend...

So, knots have been a knotty problem. But no longer. Thanks to getting one of these new whizzy gizmos, 'the world's ultimate rope connector' I now no longer need to worry about a bowline hitch or a double reef. As the blurb says, 'a simple twist of the wrist' is virtually all that's needed to tie and untie any rope in seconds.

And it does. I used it on a recent trip to Cambridge... to secure a bike to the roof rack. And I can confirm that in spite of a drive on some rather bumpy, twisty roads to get to the A1, then a short drive on the A1 followed by the hell that is the A14, it remained secure throughout. And untying it once we'd arrived was, as the man said, a matter of a quick twist of the wrist.

It's one of those things that's so useful, and so simple, you really do wonder why no-one ever thought of it before. But it doesn't stop there. Because from the same stable you can buy a cargo netting too, to completely secure your load or even - as I have been doing - to gather up all that autumn pruning quickly and easily.

But the chief advantage of the What Knot is safety. As the founder, Steven Daniels, says:

On average 45 deaths a year are due to people falling from unsecured ladders. 48,000 a year end up in A&E, with a cost to the government of some £60million every year. In Australia alone, over 500 people damage or lose their eyesight each year due to accidents with bungee cords and elasticised luggage straps. That equates to tens of thousands of avoidable accidents around the world.

The What Knot is an outstanding innovation of design and I am totally committed to it. The materials used are second-to-none for its purpose. There are absolutely no other competitor products that cover such a variety of rope sizes or which match it for strength, versatility, speed, ease of use or quality.

The What Knot is available to buy for £7.95 from where you can also buy ropes, nets, steel hooks and 'What Knot' bundles.

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