Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Father's Day June 19th gift ideas

It's that time again and - as ever, as a dad - I find myself asked for ideas... what to get, for whom, how much to spend, when to buy or even whether to bother. You name it, I'm (often) asked it.

So, in time-honoured fashion and a service to our readers, we present our annual Father's Day gift guide, now in it's fifth year would you believe!

PrezzyBox, as ever, is a great place to start. Not only have they got a dedicated page for Father's Day gifts they've also got a range of dad-centred gifts, from a self-stirring mug (£9.95) to a chance to put dad's 'mug' (face) on a beer mat (£4.95). Check them out. You'll be spoiled for choice.

Meanwhile, the world’s largest original newspaper archive, Historic-Newspapers.co.uk, has added a new range of books, featuring images and photography from legendary photographer Francis Frith.

Each of the new books provides recipients with a unique insight into local history during the 1800s. Visual aids captured by Frith alongside facts, figures and insights provided by local historians and sources help to bring history to life. And for a small extra charge the books can be dedicated to dad! They're available at Historic-Newspapers.co.uk now, with prices starting from £13.99.

For the hirsute pater there are, as ever, a range of products that make shaving so much easier, like the new Gillette Fusion ProShield razor with Flexball technology and facial lubrication before and after the blades do what blades do.

But if it's a beard trimmer that dad is after then how about the this: 'the ultimate precision for your unique style'? It has a precision dial for up to 25 exact settings and lifetime lasting sharp blades. The Braun BT5050 is priced at £49.99rrp and is available to buy on the Braun website among other places.

And if dad needs any help with handling his facial hair then this essential guide (again, available at PrezzyBox) has it all...

Now that he's ready to get dressed, how about a smart new shirt (via lovethesales)? With designer brands like Hugo Boss and Paul Smith available at discount prices through the site (which directs you through to House of Fraser and ASOS, for example) there'll be something special for dad to wear and some savings for you, too. Personally, I quite like this Hugo Boss Slim Jim striped version, if anyone's listening (hint!)...

But what if dad wants for nothing, the ultimate man who has everything and who is (therefore) impossible to buy for? Well, in that case, send him to the cinema with one of the many gift options Cineworld is offering this Father’s Day.

And for the last-minute shopper, sons and daughters can gift dads with CineWorld's e-Gifts which can be received straight to your inbox today.

And finally, don't forget, if all else fails, there's always socks. But if you do go down this route, make 'em special...

Whatever your plans, make it a great Father's Day.

(It's June 19th. Don't forget!)

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