Monday, 25 April 2016

A day in the life...

Morning! I'm still out-and-about, here and there, on my promotional tour. Yesterday I spent an hour talking about my book The Glorious Dead on Endeavour FM in the company of DJ Dave Wheeler and a very pleasant hour it was too. Thanks Dave.

So, minding the shop for me today is another fellow Unbound author, Shona Kinsella. And her post hits the spot as I know there are plenty of you out there (as well as me, in here) in the same boat - the boat being writing as well as bringing up children. It's not easy. And just to prove it here's a typical day in the life of Shona Kinsella.

Monday 18/4/2016
6:20am Alarm. I hit snooze and lie in bed telling myself not to check my project page. I last until 6:30 when the alarm goes off again. I sit up in bed and check Unbound, two e-mail addresses, Facebook and Twitter. Nothing exciting happened while I slept. No new pledges.

Then it’s shower, get the kids up, fight with the 2yo who wants a “jammy day”.  I take 9yo to school then it’s round the shops, picking at plotting in my head while picking up shopping. Home by 9:30 and I’m prepping food for the slow cooker (after checking my page again of course). 2yo wants to watch Peppa Pig. I consider telling her no, that I’ll only be 5 minutes and then I’ll come and play with her but I realise that if she’s watching TV I can squeeze in some extra writing. So I put Peppa on and then mentally berate myself for being a terrible parent.

After an hour it’s story time for 2yo and getting her settled for a nap. Then washing on, phone calls and a quick tidy of the kitchen while refreshing my project page. I respond to some e-mails, check in with my writing group, work on some planning for the library event I’ll be doing next month and write a bit more.

Laptop on charge, I wake 2yo up from her nap, convince her to come downstairs and then make lunch, which she refuses to eat. Then it’s off to pick up 9yo and home for supervising homework and listening to 9yo talk about her day while trying to reconcile in my head what I need to do to transition from new material I’ve just written into the old chapters that begin the first draft of the book. 

Then it’s some more writing and editing and refreshing of the project page. No new pledges. I’m at 32% funded. I’m on track. I’m never going to make it. I e-mail one of my writing group, panicking that my main character is boring. He answers and re-assures me, but if the book is as great as he says then why hasn’t he pledged? I do recognize that this process is driving me crazy. 

Hubby comes home and it’s time for dinner and bed time routines for the kids. While 9yo is in the shower, I take the opportunity to read for 20 minutes. I want to say this is entirely relaxation but since I’ll be reviewing this book for The British Fantasy Society, I am taking notes as I go. 

Kids in bed, I sit down to watch some TV with hubby but I end up only half-watching as I refresh my project page and monitor Facebook and Twitter.

In bed, I think of a new scene that makes perfect sense slotted into the section I’m editing. I make a note on my phone to look at it in the morning. 

Sound familiar? It does to me and I'm sure it will for many of you, too. You can find out more about Shona's book as well as pledge support for the project here: and if you're in the area, you can hear her reading extracts and talking about the project at the Alexandria Library, Gilmour Street, Alexandria (that's Scotland rather than Egypt!) on Thursday, May 26th at 7.30pm.

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