Monday, 21 March 2016

Everyone's a winner...

Well, not quite. But if your name isn't on the list, have no fear - there'll be another fabulous competition later this week. Watch this space!

Meanwhile, those of you asking for details following the KidzDrama script giveaway will be delighted to know that they're guesting on the blog shortly. Again, keep watching.

But now, the moment you've been waiting for. First, the winner of the wonderful Seagate Cloud 2-Bay personal home back-up and storage system. This competition attracted a huge number of entries. But unfortunately there is only one prize. And the prize goes to... Stephen Barnes, who visited this page on Unbound. Well done, Stephen!

Next, the amazing and entertaining KidzDrama scripts. There were two prizes here, and the winner of the amazing 'Doctor What' script it *drumroll* Darrell Perry, who tweeted a link to the competition. Well done Darrell, have fun with the script. Next up, Cinderolla... and who's foot will fir the slipper? It's none other than Miss Natalie Crossan. She also did the Twitter thang. Well done Natalie, you shall go to the ball.

Meanwhile, may I remind you that my book, the book described by one extremely well-known and ennobled actor, famed for his cunning plans among other things but whom I've been unable to contact to get permission to use the quote so who will have to remain nameless... Anyway, him, he said (to me personally, when I bumped into him at a House of Lords reception, as you do, that is 'sounds like a book that needs to be written' is still funding. The book he was talking about was this, and YOU - yes, you - can help it get written and make both him (and me) very happy

And here's a picture taken at said House of Lord's reception which in no way whatsoever should be construed as a clue to the identity of the speaker. Oh no. Not at all...

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