Thursday, 24 March 2016

No news...

I've come to realise I don't need the TV news. I don't need to see the pictures, or endure the awful 'thump-thump' soundtrack telling me how serious it all is as if I didn't know already, don't need the overpaid and studiedly eccentric correspondents standing in front of someone's door or in a Westminster corridor, competing with each other for mannerisms, ticks and verbal twists as they endlessly analyse what we've already been told has happened.

No. I gave up TV news earlier this year at the time of the General Election. I imagined it would only last until the end of the campaign. But no. It lasted until yesterday, when I turned on - feeling slightly grubby as I did so - to see and hear the news of the atrocities in Belgium.

'The headlines are... our top story is... a reminder of today's main story...' Nothing's changed. It was all complete with manipulative music and on location images and - get this - nothing I didn't know already, nothing I hadn't heard on the radio (just the hourly bulletins, none of the aural equivalent of TV news-junkie-dom that is the Radio Four Today programme) or read online in the daily newspapers.

I haven't missed The News, nor have I, it would appear, missed any news either. I seem to be just as well informed; better, even. I put this down to having more time. TV news takes so long and at the end of the day, says so little.

I won't be going back in a hurry. I will admit to one thing, though. I still turn on at the end for the weather. Somehow, that always seems to need a picture.

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