Thursday, 10 December 2015

Win a case of Budweiser

Now that the festive season is in full swing (let's overlook the fact it's only Advent for a moment) Budweiser - King of Beers - is embarking on a campaign to ensure we all enjoy ourselves responsibly. They've introduced their Bud Wise Men campaign, celebrating those who have nailed the art of ‘doing Christmas’ on their own terms.

BudWiseMen are the masters of last-minute shopping, the designated drivers who don’t mind taking the lads out, and the guys who know where to buy their Buds for some festive perks! BudWiseMen know how to have fun during Christmas, but remain the cool, calm responsible guy. Even wearing this jumper:

What? You like the jumper? Well, to have a chance of wearing one yourself, simply buy your Bud at a local Tesco or online and you'll be entered in the prize draw to win one for free.

But if you'd rather win a crate of 24 beers instead, simply leave a 'pick me' comment below or share or tweet a link to this post, like my Facebook page, do my ironing/Christmas shopping - or all three. The first three. Unfortunately.

Entries by Saturday midnight please, so that the winning crate can be despatched in time for Christmas.

For more information about Budweiser and to see some other work they’ve been doing throughout the year, including Dream Goals, please visit This is a sponsored post. I was paid in beer(s).

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