Sunday, 6 December 2015

How to teach your kids to tie their own shoelaces

News reaches me via the man in the Clarks shoe shop measuring my son for a pair of their new junior desert boots that boys frequently don't learn to tie their shoe-laces until they start secondary school.

'Football boots,' he says to me. 'That, and the Velcro straps they've always had on shoes until then.'

I nod, sagely, not quite sure where football boots come in.

'Well,' he explains, 'suddenly all the boys start secondary school and realise they've got to tie laces for the first time in their lives - you don't get velcro straps on football boots.'

I can understand the reluctance, personally. Laces are a menace - with the risk of tripping over them combined with the fact that they're forever coming loose. Nevertheless, I'd be in dereliction of my duty as a parent if I didn't teach Charlie how to do them.

An incentive was needed. Thankfully, Clarks shoes has provided one in the shape of their latest range of Kids Originals desert boots - stylish, attractive, comfy, iconic. They proved to be just the ticket. Especially with red laces...

Just look how quickly he can tie them!

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