Wednesday, 7 October 2015

No news is good news

Here is the news: the main headline is something that hasn't actually happened yet. The second item is what we think someone might say later. And, in other news, something interesting that happened twenty years ago today...

And now, the weather. 

I sometime think news bulletins are only like this at five a.m. because nothing much has happened (yet) and it's natural to look to the day ahead. But no. They're the same throughout the rest of the day - bulletins padded with endless analysis and comment and conjecture and (from the telly people) correspondents reporting from all sorts of unsuitable locations just so you can see that they're 'there', they're where the action is. Except, most of the time, there isn't any.

I often wonder why they bother. I've given up watching the news on the telly, as it's such a waste of (usually) half an hour. And when I'm drowsily coming to to the radio at five-twenty in the morning I'd rather hear the BBC Radio Four theme instead of the endless speculation and conjecture that masquerades as 'News Briefing'...

Still, at least no news is good news if you like finding out what happened on this day years ago. They've got to fill the bulletin with something. And if the day's too young to have news of its own, well - fill the airtime with a bit of history. And, it so happens, today was a particularly interesting day...

... in 1932 when the London Philharmonic Orchestra made it’s debut;
or when in 1986 The Independent newspaper was first published;
or even 14 years ago when the invasion of Afghanistan took place.

That was a success, wasn't it?

And today - and this really is news - we hear of Russian forces gathering on the border of war-torn Syria.

Talk about history - and the news - repeating itself!

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