Friday, 11 September 2015

That was the week...

It's Friday, and I realise that although I've stared several posts, I haven't finished or published any of them. And I may never. So, here's a digest of the week instead:

- we have started school... again, in some cases, for the last time for one of us and for the first time in the case of the youngest member of the family. Thankfully, this seems to have gone well for all concerned which is no mean feat given the mess that is state education;

- Chris Packham has ruffled feathers (pun intended) by challenging the vested interests of several so-called conservation bodies. And I confess, before the furore, and based on his appearances on The Really Wild Show and Springwatch, I hadn't rated him. In fact, I'd hated him. How wrong can you be?

- it is the penultimate night of the Proms, and I am silently weeping in the knowledge both that the season is almost over and the recognition that I no longer sing in a choir worthy to perform there, live, in the RAH. And may never;

- the assisted dying bill has failed. As someone periodically troubled by physical pain verging on the unendurable I find this very troubling. Believe me, there is nothing noble in physical suffering and the only reason the Christian church (and therefore our vague societal morality) thinks the opposite is because of some vague borrowing from pre-Christian, pagan Greek philosophising. I would explain at greater length but for the fact that

- I must have an early night, the better to be ready to hail the morn that will be Jeremy Corbyn's accession to the Labour leadership. Because - like him or loathe him and irrespective of whether he proves electable as Prime Minister to the power-grubbing professional politicos, his triumph will change the nature of the political debate. And not before time... 

And on that note, sleep well. And have a great weekend. 

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