Sunday, 30 August 2015

Jeremy's jumpers

I see he's done it again. Or rather, I don't - I've heard about it on the news and probably won't bother buying the newspaper this morning having done so.

Who? Blair, that's who. And what? Intervened again - for the third time - in the Labour leadership election, warning of much wailing and gnashing of teeth should Jeremy Corbyn win. That's what.

Now, I'm not a party member nor even an affiliate. I haven't a say in who they elect as leader. But I have something else to say. And it's this. As a floating voter, I'd vote for Corbyn as Prime Minister.

Why? Because he doesn't look or speak like a silicon politician, that's why. He's a human being. He's honest: he won't tell us what we want to hear, nor wriggle and squirm like a worm when asked an awkward question - he'll say what he thinks. How refreshing!

Let me also make clear I don't agree with everything he thinks. My personal jury is still out on anti-austerity policies (unlike a growing body of economists including a former Bank of England advisor). But I'm all for renationalising the railways (having enjoyed the nationalised service that was East Coast before the government gave it to Richard Branson), I admire his women's manifesto and support his environmental pledges.

But if you want to know the real clincher, here it is. He wears jumpers knitted by his mother...

Now tell me you're not going to vote for him!

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