Friday, 7 August 2015

Back to School

Summer is in full-swing. I'm writing this whilst soaking up the sun next to a rather crowded (and extremely noisy) paddling pool in an excellent urban park. What more do kids want? What more do parents ask for in the six weeks than the sound of happy children and (free) out-door entertainment?

 I'm also taking the chance - having been away for a few days - of downloading and deleting - I mean, reading - the many (hundreds) emails I've received. 

Is that a cloud on the horizon? Yes. Because if the subject line of one is 'back to school' the subject line of almost every one of the darned things exhortse to prepare, plan for and otherwise project forwards to September 1st.

I may be in a minority of one (other than teachers) but I don't want to be reminded that this summer idyll has to end. I don't want the fact that term, life, work, and all that it entails is just a few short weeks away and that this wonderfully free - carefree - existence isn't the norm. 

It was the same a thousand years ago when I was a kid. Not emails (obviously) nor tweets. Shops. Shops of all and every hue would seem to put up back-to-school displays the moment we broke up.

Meanwhile I'll sit here getting splashed, deafened and deleting every email with a back-to-school theme unread. 

Life's too short. 

And I'm on holiday.

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