Thursday, 23 July 2015

Giving it away...

Ok, so you missed out on my free book giveaway. The winner (announced on the FB page) was Anna from Birmingham and she's soon to be the proud(?) owner of a copy of my novel, Writing Therapy.

But don't despair! (You weren't?) Ok, well, as a little extra something the Kindle edition of the book is free to download from tomorrow for five days. Inspired by the HallĂ© Orchestra's pay-what-you-like concert in September I've decided to let anyone and everyone have it for free and then pay (if they wish) whatever they think it's worth. I know, dangerous. But interesting.

Should anyone decide to cough up there's a 'donate' button on the Dotterel Press home page. But I'd be equally pleased if as many people as felt like it downloaded it, read it, enjoyed it and - maybe - reviewed it or discussed it or recommended it.

Writing Therapy was first published in 2008 to considerable (for a first novel) acclaim and was nominated for the Young Minds fiction award the same year. It was my first attempt at fiction. Indeed, it was my first full-length publication having previously only had articles and features in magazines and newspapers. I was heartened by the response; the sales were respectable, too. And many people kindly told me how they'd been inspired or helped or reassured by what they'd read. Which is about the best feedback of all, to be honest.

So, why not try it for yourself? It'll never be everyone's cup of tea (you can see why I'm not in marketing) but if you fancy reading something different this summer, why not click the link?

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