Sunday, 10 May 2015

It's good to TalkTalk

Picture this. You're away from home. You've just found out a once-in-a-lifetime must-see TV programme is about to start... and there's no way you can watch it.

Although I watch little in the way of TV (I've just broken my TV news fast, sustained for the entire duration of the General Election campaign) there are some programmes that I have to see. With TalkTalk fibre-optic broadband I can catch up easily enough. But there are still times when you want it 'taped', when you need a recording, something you can keep indefinitely and not have to fret about thirty day download self-destruct settings or similar.

But if you're away when they're on and if you didn't know and hadn't programmed the YouView box...

Then simply click 'record' on the YouView App on your phone and - hey, presto! - when you get back to base the programme of your choice will be waiting on the hard drive. It's that simple. And reliable. And wonderful.

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