Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Fairy dust

We've been away with the fairies. To whit, a tooth fairy has been. I know. I arose from my bed at five a.m. to make sure she'd been. She had. So this morning, in addition to the excitement of finding a dead lump of enamel transformed into a shining coin we had the following philosophical discussion.

What does the tooth fairy do with the teeth?

Suggestions ranged from decoration (think South Sea island head-hunters only safer) to planting them in the gums of babies. After all, there'll be a lot of teeth.

Meanwhile Myownfairy.com has been in touch asking if we'd like a fairy door, like this one.

Of course, we said yes. Just think of the imaginative possibilities! If a mere tooth can be such a source of inspiration, well...

I'll show you where a fairy lives -
She has a tiny house;
She has taken the apartment 
Of an absent field-mouse.

She has to hang her washing
On a line the spiders pin
And she wears a pair of slippers
Cut out of orange skin. 

She carries an umbrella
No bigger than a pin,
And she bought an empty acorn,
To pack her dresses in.

The petal of a pimpernel 
She uses for a frock,
And she tells the time by blowing
On a dandelion clock. 

My eldest used to know that verse by heart. Now, she's memorising a million facts about Stalin, Soviet Russia and such-like for 'A' level history.

Where does the time go?

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