Saturday, 11 April 2015

Suck it and see!

I have to be careful what I say on this blog about domestic gadgets. There are those among its readership who (*ahem* quite rightly) regard yours truly as a successful author, literati and all-round culture-vuture. I do so hate to disappoint.

So I will contain myself. I will adopt a haughty 'couldn't really care less' tone when I tell you all about the absolutely fabulous Vax Air Cordless 2-in-1 Upright Vacuum Cleaner which is quite possibly the best vacuum cleaner I've ever owned and is wonderful and marvellous.

Ahem. I do beg your pardon.

There was, once, a vacuum I may - may - have preferred. It was this - a short-lived loan of a robot vac with an absurdly small dust box and limited suction power but the unrivalled ability to vacuum the floor without me lifting a finger. Or lifting anything else, for that matter.

The VAX 2-in-1 is cordless, too. Ingeniously, it integrates a hand-held vac in its body. So it too - necessary - has a limited dust box and (I speculated) perhaps limited suction power to boot.

Well, no. Not a bit of it.

Ok, so the dust box has to be small enough to be carried when the unit is used as a hand-held but, believe me, what it lacks in annoying, trailing wires, in weight and in whatever else big heavy vacuum cleaners have, the VAX 2-in-1 more than makes up in versatility, manoeuvrability, adaptability and flexibility - not to mention sheer usability. I'm not often moved to hyperbole in the description of domestic appliances. But the Vax Air Cordless 2-in-1 is quite possibly the best vacuum cleaner I have ever owned. And I've owned a few.

Highly recommended.

It makes vacuuming a pleasure. No, really!

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