Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Top Tips to Save Energy

It might technically be spring, but the thermometer today has a distinctly wintry reading, which is why the home energy kit we've been sent to try by Zenith Home is coming in handy. It contains the following:

An Energy Saving Monitor
A Radiator Booster
An Automatic Standby Shutdown, and
A Shower Timer

But you don't need fancy gadgets to start saving energy and feeling warmer, as Zenith's simple energy saving top tips show:

1. Put the kettle on... war drinks are wonderful, but don't overfill the kettle and waste energy!

2. Love your layers... adding extra layers of clothing always helps - and you can do it to the house too with external wall insulation (EWI).

3. On when in, off when out... why heat up the home when there's nobody at home to benefit? Be smart with your central heating.

4. Winter warmers... stock up your wardrobe with woolies - and not just for winter evenings. It can be chilly at any time but you don't always need the heating.

5. Don't be daft, avoid the  draught ..  draught excluders fitted to doors and windows really help keep the house warm... and the cold out!

6. Secure some heat... of course, double-glazed doors and windows will do the job permanently, as well as adding to security.

7. Close the curtains... 20% of your heat can escape through gaps around doors and windows. A pair of curtains can make all the difference.

8. Switch on to switching off... 46% of the UK population admit only switching off electrical appliances when going on holiday - and 22% not at all! But switching off everyday appliances can make huge differences to power consumption - and bring down your bills.

9. Wait a minute, Mr Postman... a letterbox is little more than a hole in your front door - great for letting in icy outdoor air. Fitting draft-proof brushes won't stop the postman pushing through the energy bills but it might help reduce them in the long term.

10. Think outside the box... it's not just windows and doors that can let in the draughts - holes around pipes and extractor fans can be as bad. Use expanding foam filler in the gaps to keep the craft cold at bay.

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