Monday, 30 March 2015

Leapfrog's Leapreader gets Top Marks!

Some interesting findings have reached us from LeapFrog UK.

Their research reveals that 86 per cent of UK teachers would recommend LeapReader to parents to help with their child's reading and writing skills. They worked with 100 schools across the UK, providing 200 teachers with the device to use in classrooms with children aged between four and eight, including special educational needs (SEN) pupils and following the two month trial, 86 per cent of teachers involved said they would recommend LeapReader to parents to use at home to help with their child's reading and writing skills. A further 79 per cent would also recommend LeapReader to fellow teachers.

Not, perhaps, as surprising as it might seem given that LeapReader has been designed by a dedicated team of educational experts, offering three unique literacy experiences in one – learning to read, learning to write, and learning through listening. To say nothing of learning through play, too. Here's Charlie demonstrating...

As you can see, LeapReader is popular. The interactive stylus brings reading, writing and learning to life, combining easy to use technology with the tradition of print based learning. When the stylus touches the story pages of its very own library of LeapReader books and activity sets, LeapReader will read aloud words and sentences, and in some books it will even break down individual letter names and phonic sounds. LeapReader challenges children’s listening skills along the way, asking questions to ensure comprehension of the story. Pictures and characters come to life with just a touch on the page, making the learning experience fully immersive and great play time. What’s more, LeapReader also offers the added excitement of ‘mess-free’ writing via interactive paper which is only compatible with the LeapReader stylus. Children can trace letters, words and numbers with stroke-by-stroke audio guidance, encouraging them to write on their own as well as read independently.

The extensive LeapReader library contains over 100 ‘learning experiences’ including books, audio books, flash cards, maps, learn to write sets, music albums and trivia challenges. The stylus itself can store forty books or over 175 songs and the wealth of content lets parents easily personalise their child’s learning journey by choosing titles based on reading levels and favourite characters or learning style.

LeapReader is available in major retailers nationwide priced £39.99 GRP. For more information on LeapReader, visit

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