Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Everything Tablet 360 Degree iPad Case Review

No iPad (or iPhone or any other phone or tablet for that matter) case is perfect. I've got several, with built in bluetooth keyboards, folding covers, solid protective corners and any number of other features. But there's always something they won't do and in the case of all of the above, it's facilitate both horizontal and vertical display.

That might not seem like a deal-breaker but it's surprising how often apps (yes, I'm talking to you BBC iPlayer Radio) designed basically to be used in portrait mode fail to convert satisfactorily to landscape orientation. 

That's where the Everything Tablet 360 degree case comes into it's own. And it's a good case to boot: sturdy, but light, nice to handle and with an 'access all areas' openness to speakers, cameras, and sockets. 

But as I've said, the chief virtue is that you can go from this...

 ... to this:

(That's John Betjeman, by the way, standing on an closed London Underground platform.) 

This is just one of a range of phone and tablet cases all of which seem thoughtfully and creatively designed to plug a gap - but at a level of quality and price that is certainly competitive. I've also been trying out their version of an iPad car headrest mount, for example, and have been just as pleased. Having tried several others (not least the Snugg version reviewed here, but which has the distinct disadvantage of covering the top of the screen - and associated touch controls - with the strap that secures it to the headrest) I'm pleased to report that this seems both robust and versatile as - like it's companion iPad case (above) the viewing angle can be adjusted relatively easily - sitting as it does on a ball-mount which can be securely tightened once the optimum viewing (or playing) position has been found. 

Both highly recommended! 

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