Monday, 9 June 2014

Bike to School Week

To celebrate Bike to School Week I've been invited, along with a number of other bloggers, to take part in the Sustrans cycle to school challenge.

Basically, this means doing what I do most days anyway - cycling. So initially I thought, what challenge?

But then I actually thought about it. There are three of us on the bike, 'Goodies'-style. Eloise sits on a specially-designed seat on my crossbar and Charlie trails along at the back on his trailer bike. And we negotiate jaywalking pedestrians, red-light jumping motorists, lorries, prams, other bikes and - occasionally - kamikaze parents doing the school run by car. (Just watch the video below if you don't believe me!)

So although I'm not doing much out of the ordinary, it's still a challenge. And it's a challenge I wish more motorists would rise to. It makes you a better driver, for a start. (No, I don't jump red lights; yes, I do occasionally cycle on the footpath but slowly and not at the expense of any pedestrians.)

If more people did it, the roads would be safer, the air would be cleaner and we'd all be a darn site fitter.

And it's good fun.



  1. Tim, marvellous point you make about motorists being better drivers if they cycle. I totally agree. Also a very telling video. The individual that screeches their breaks at the very end right outside proves the importance of this campaign. Good luck with the rest of the week. #SafeToSchool #BikeToSchooWeek

  2. Where I did have to wait, actually. Unlike one of the three cars... which jumped the red light I obeyed! I agree that such actions aren't strictly speaking sanctioned but in this - and many other - instances there are specific marked cycle 'lanes' on the inside of the road as well as blocks in front of the stop line for other vehicles at the lights. As for drivers expecting cyclists to pass on the right, I'm to so sure - having been knocked off by motorists opening doors and verbally abused for 'daring' to overtake in such manner. If only everyone could just show a little more courtesy!

  3. Thanks John... in my case, of course, the 'week' is pretty much every day. Although sometimes, some of the things you see other road-users do makes me question the wisdom of what we do every morning!


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