Saturday, 24 May 2014

Father's Day Gift Guide

Welcome to the annual Father's Day Gift Guide where I, as a bona fide father for not a few years drop hints to anyone who might listen as to what dads really want... instead of socks.

There's something for everyone this year, from DIY to male grooming and musical amplification.

DIY, first. In my (rather limited, admittedly) experience good DIY involves having the right tools for the job. Log gone are the days when if I couldn't fix it with a hammer, it stayed broken. And from gluing broken ornaments back together to soldering intricate electrical wires, this Soldering Iron & Glue Gun Set is indispensable for any serious DIY dad.

Presented in a compact case, the 2-in-1 Tool Kit contains a 30W Soldering Iron and a 10W Glue Gun and is a must for any DIY enthusiast or home owner. The Soldering Iron has a long-reach tip that heats to a very high temperature and an insulated plastic handle. The Glue Gun has a pistol grip trigger action and comes with 2 glue sticks and resting stand. For all those tricky-to-see jobs, there is an adjustable 6cm diameter Magnifier with clips for using hands-free. For mains use. Case 25 x 22 x 7cm. Available from Presents for Men, price £19.99.

Next, a wonderful new device for all frustrated rock guitarist dads. The Make mega music with the Marshall MS-2 Micro Amp which can be used simply as a speaker or as an awesome Guitar Amp! This multifunctional mini Marshall has both Overdrive and Clean modes to allow you to channel your sound, lets you plug in your headphones for some sweet and easy listening, and on top of all that, you can get some deep delivery on your bass whilst bringing out that tuneful treble.

Just Jam on down with the ultimate gadget for every music lover! Available from for only £27.95!                                                                                        

If wires aren't dad's thing, or if he simply wants to listen to rather than play the music then the Thumps Up! Touch Speaker might be just the job. Using NFA (Near Field Audio) to pick up on the phone's frequency and amplify the sound, simply place your phone on the speaker and away you go -great listening with the minimum of fuss (but maximum musical impact). It really packs a punch and belies the compact size (125mm x 70mm x 40mm). There's no need for wires or cables, just touch your phone to the speaker and select a song! It's available from Internet Gift Store priced £27.99.

Next, shaving. All (or the majority) of dads do it so it's a real staple of the Father's Day gift repertory, (as, thanks to having feet, are socks). As someone sporting a goatee barely noticeable from certain angles (and which I've been growing since I was 18) I may not be the ideal customer for the Bluebeard's Revenge range. But if your dad is a Desperate Dan look-a-like and problem shaver, this range might be just what he's after. Advertised modestly as 'the best shave of your life' and with a range extending from the hardware (razors, brushes, bowls, wash bags) to the software (oils, balms, cologne) is available the likes of Tesco, Holland and Barrett and GNC, as well as online at Feel Unique, All Beauty, ASOS, and Amazon UK and are 'guaranteed to delight any long-suffering father who has to battle with the razor on a daily basis.'

Finally, socks. If none of the above inspires you at least there's the fall back position of a pair of socks. But if you must choose socks, choose a pair with a difference like these ultimate thermal socks from Heat Holders. Not only are they extremely comfy, they're warm too - with a tog rating of 2.3 which equals seven times warmer than ordinary socks.

Mind you, dads, as a postscript what we really need is something that will warm the cockles of our hearts, eh? Like a special malt, something along the lines of a Macallan Gold or maybe a nice bottle of Highland Park. That way, we could really toast the day, don't you think?


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