Thursday, 17 April 2014

Happy Birthday Nick Hornby

Is your partner male? Does your partner read? Because a recent survey has suggested that if your answer to those questions is a 'yes' and then another 'yes' then your partner is also likely to say  'no' if you offer them a book. Not just a specific book. Any book. In other words, a lot of men don't read books, at all, ever.

As a man who not only reads the things but also writes them (do feel free to browse the Amazon side bar a little lower down this page, on the right, no - down a little further: there!) I'm saddened at the news, and not just because of the loss of potential customers. 

Anyway, today happens to be the birthday of a man, a writer (and, no doubt, a reader) but a 'bloke' too, drinking, footie-watching, band-listening, bird-watching (!) chap whose work might just get your own man (if you have one, and should you want to get him) reading. 

Yes, happy birthday Nick Hornby. I don't know how old he is but I do know - having read almost all his books - that both the style and subject matter of his work will appeal to the typical male. Not that I am. 

But I think he might be. And if your's is, why not get him reading? A book is so much more than lots of words on loads of pages, after all. It's worth the effort. 

As the birthday boy himself says,

The more you read about the value of literacy, the more you understand it’s everything, really. All statistics show the more kids read, the more likely they are to have successful lives.

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  1. I'm always startled at these numbers. Both my boys are avid readers. My punk rocker asked for a Kindle for his 17th birthday - that was a banner day! My husband always has something to read, but he reads in bed and manages about a page per night. Bless!


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