Monday, 31 March 2014

A LEGO® Movie

Isn't it great when you've got a big brother to help you make your LEGO® Juniors Princess Play Castle (£15.99rrp)?

And the great thing about these new LEGO® playsets is that - once made - they can be changed (and then reconstructed) relatively easily... hours of endless fun.

And what's more, the bricks and bits needn't live in the vacuum-cleaner anymore either, thanks to one of these magnificent LEGO storage brick, courtesy of Store:

Things really do just get better and better.

New LEGO Juniors Playsets range in price from £9.99rrp to £24.99rrp and the LEGO storage brick is £22.95 from Store.


  1. Oh - the utter, UTTER cuteness of your kids Tim! (And of course he would have, but how Charlie has grown...)

  2. Ah, the advantage of video editing PM - all the bits where they showed something other than utter cuteness are on the cutting room floor PM!


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