Sunday, 5 January 2014

Thank you Santa

Scene: the living room, round about twelfth night.

Following discussion about when to take the Christmas decorations down the conversation moves to thank-you letters and the list of intended recipients...

We've already seen Grandma and Grandpa and said 'thank you' to them. You'll see Tony and Jill so we'll say thank you to them then. It's really the people you won't see for a while that you need to write thank you letters to.

Well there's someone I never see who I'm going to write the first 'thank you' to!

Who's that Charlie?

Charlie: Santa! I never see him and he always gives me more presents than anyone. I think my first letter should be to him. 

Christmas might be over (nearly) but the spirit lives on... 


  1. What a thoughtful and smart young man! Like his thinking. Gotta keep the big man happy.


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