Friday, 22 November 2013

Hot Wheels Super Trackset review

They wanted to build the ultimate Hot Wheels track to race on, but instead of getting kids to test it, they asked the dads.

In a Hot Wheels first, you can now design, build and race on your very own orange track creations. The new Hot Wheels Super Trackset includes 20-feet of track and 30+ construction pieces designed to challenge imaginations and inspire amazing stunts!

Hot Wheels has come a long way since I used to play with it. Mind you, that was a long time ago. It still has the same orange track pieces, connectors, curves, and jumps but now also boasts such things as launchers and a side-by-side gravity-racing clamp to create a range of challenges and high-octane obstacles. There are loads of variations for endless ways to play. 

Here's what the dads thought…

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