Thursday, 3 October 2013

National Poetry Day

This time last week I shared my new, patent cure for insomnia with a line or two from a poem called, appropriately, Sleep by John Fletcher.

And as today is National Poetry Day I thought I'd share the rest of it with you. Fletcher was primarily a playwright, successor to Shakespeare in the Royal company called The King's Men. But whereas few - if any - of his plays are still performed, this small gem of poetry (along with several others) is quite widely known and has been set beautifully to music by, among others, Ivor Gurney.

COME, Sleep, and with thy sweet deceiving
Lock me in delight awhile;
Let some pleasing dreams beguile
All my fancies; that from thence
I may feel an influence
All my powers of care bereaving!

Though but a shadow, but a sliding,
Let me know some little joy!
We that suffer long annoy
Are contented with a thought
Through an idle fancy wrought:
O let my joys have some abiding!

And if that isn't music enough, here's the setting I mentioned earlier, sung by Amy Manford...

Have you got a favourite poem to share?

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